Plankton Cowboys

we need proteins to live. Most are derived from animals, cattle.
Feeding them 7 times the mass of food,as they can produce.
Zoo-plankton could provide an alternative

Plankton feeds on organic matter and can transform your organic wast material into useful proteins


In order to feed the human population in the near future, we should research into a new source of proteins.

We need Plankton cowboys, to manage our newly found cattle



Proteins are an important part of our diet. there are certain proteins, we humans can produce our selfs and we need to extract those from the food we eat.

Most of which originate from cattle. animals we bread, fed with crops from our lands and then slaughter for their meat. the down side is, we grow 7 times the crops we need and use about two thirds of this harvest to feed cattle. Millions of animals are killed on a daily base and only provide one seventh of the mass in meat as the food we fed them. This concludes in an big energy efficiency loss

In the future we will have many more people on this earth to feed. Providing food and especially proteins for all these people is going to be a challenge.

Some research showed me that plankton is actually a rich source of food and can be grown in a simple setting. The grow efficiently and live on organic matter.

Plankton is rich on proteins, about 60 percent, contain vitamins and even fats.

See the instruction movie to grow some yourself