Bart van Dommelen explores the combinations of nature an technology. By finding new collaborations between technological developments and natural processes, he pushes the boundaries of the relation ship between men and nature, always questioning how we experience the world around us.

His affection with science and technology allow him to make scientific experiments with an artistic interest, that seems to be the work of a mad inventor. Never the less the results are pleasing to the eye and uncover possibilities that awaken wonderment in the minds of the spectators, show them new possibilities and make them question their position in this world

The experiments are supported with theoretical knowledge and with support of experts and often derived from miraculous natural phenomena, that seem to be unnoticed at first.


He collaborates in the field of science, biology and technical engineering, Artist, designer, developer, engineer or inventor. could be a bit of everything


" Always question yourself, so that you will see that the world is ever changing and with you in it"